Expatriate Posts for Foreign Investors in Malaysia

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The Malaysian Government sees the private sector as the main driving force of economic growth and development in the country, while the Government itself takes on the role of facilitating business. As such, efforts have been made to continuously improve the Government’s delivery system and to enhance the cost-effectiveness of doing business in Malaysia.

Among the Government’s efforts to facilitate doing business in Malaysia is the publication of this “Guidebook on the Employment of Expatriates”, which brings together in one bound copy the relevant information from the various agencies that are responsible for approving expatriate posts in the sectors of manufacturing and manufacturing related services; information technology; finance, insurance and banking; securities and futures market, and others.

With globalisation, capital, goods, ideas, and people move increasingly freely across a borderless world. As such, although placing great emphasis on the development of the country’s own human capital, the Malaysian government has always welcomed foreign talents, recognising the fact that Malaysian workers would benefit from this interaction. These talents will invariably add value to the work force.

Hua Shang Advisory & Management Sdn. Bhd. provides application service for the Malaysia Expatriate Posts. With its experience in providing the above mentioned services to various foreign investment companies, the management of Hua Shang Advisory & Management Sdn. Bhd. guarantee you on their best services.

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+60125083606 / +60125053906


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